Friday, October 17, 2008

World Blogger Day

My mother has come and gone and we had a nice visit. She has never been in Michigan in October and enjoyed the colored leaves and scenery. So, it’s time to get back to work with my book, blog and teaching plans.

One of the blogs I enjoy is Tim’s El Salvador blog which you can access at He has been a very faithful blogger and publishes information about El Salvador and its people. My husband and I sponsor two children in El Salvador through the agency CFCA (Christian Foundation for Children and Aging), and we were there a few years ago. Tim's blog helps me keep up to date on the happenings there.

I just noticed he has posted that October 15, 2008 was world blogger day. Apparently bloggers from all over the world blog on one subject and this year was poverty. Though this is two days late, I will feel I've added a little by telling you about our sponsored chilren and linking to CFCA HERE. They have done a marvelous job at connecting persons in the US with poor children and aging over the world. They encourage communication by letters from both the sponsor and recipient. One gets to know the family and some of their culture and situation. They also encourage visits. I've been to Mexico and El Salvador through these group "mission awareness trips." It is a way to make a genuine difference in the world.

My husband and I are watching baseball playoffs. I am from Pennsylvania and used to go to Phillies games once in a while. I’m still a fan, so I am routing for them. Although I won’t be upset if the Rays win. They seem to have character as a team. And alas, I am a graduate of Penn State and my husband graduated from University of Michigan. Need I say more?

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