Friday, October 3, 2008

Kay at Blog, Anniversary

Now that the short history of science and religion is complete, I'd like to write about various subjects in addition to Intelligent Design. Though I have enjoyed learning about ID for the past few years and would like to teach people about it, I am a writer and interested in other things as well! I've been working on a fictional mystery with Catholic themes which I am typesetting now and hope to get to the printer soon. It is a challenge to write, print and market our own book, but with the new opportunities that digital printing and the Internet provide, I am glad to try.

I'd like to use the blog to put my thoughts in column form, which will be linked under the Topic, "Kay at Blog" and sometimes the subject at hand. I'm interested in many things, and these can swirl around in my head as probably happens with other writers. Writing can help one think and focus toward learning more.

I want to wish my wonderful husband a very happy anniversary. We got engaged 20 years ago this week. We were at a CROP walk, which raises funds for good causes both at home and throughout the world. A good start for our relationship! Our CROP walk is this weekend, and we will supply a half-bushel of apples for the "end-of-the-walk" refreshments. This shows our appreciation to those who do so much work of organizing and raising money through sponsors. Tom has been more than I could have ever asked in a life companion. I hope we have 20 or 40 more years to spend together!

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Matt Tennison said...

Kay - have you considered enabling the RSS or ATOM feed for your blog? it allows people to get your blog posts in different places, like Google Reader or sometimes even their homepage. It should be easy enough to enable on Blogger, and it is a free feature.