Friday, November 7, 2008

Congrats to Obama

It's early Wednesday morning and we congratulate Barack Obama on his historic presidential win. The scourges of slavery and prejudice have cause suffering beyond our capacity to imagine. Yet human beings overcome in amazing ways. Groups of people persevere with the help of God through generations and centuries.

That said, there are still many problems to overcome. The economic challenges and the wars will not automatically go away. And though African-Americans individuals feel a new freedom, they must remember that they are capable of their own mistakes. Some A-A's, along with many persons from other ethnic groups, support abortion. Catholic bishops have been quite vocal about the problem of abortion, and the results of this election will not stop them. There is a good article at Catholic Online to express the thoughts of many in this regard. Though the Democrats have taken what Catholics consider the wrong stand in this issue, more are realizing how the Republicans have let us down in many ways. Some are looking to make a movement toward a "new alliance" that supports all the right values.

Another important consideration is Obama's attitude about evolution. He has said he believes it happens, and does not seem interested in ID debates. But how informed is his opinion? Is he aware of all the data that points to areas where life has emerged without help from the physical laws? Does he know about the Cambrian Explosion where animal types appear without apparent ancestors? It looks like there will be challenging work ahead for the Intelligent Design movement to teach the facts, especially in the face of prejudice of a different sort.

Politics is a part of our lives, but I am very glad the election is over. It was getting to the point I couldn't watch the news any more. Now that we know who has won, we can think about the future and the stands that Obama has taken.

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