Monday, July 12, 2010

Creation Science for Biology

I'm very pleased to announce that my new booklet, Creation Science for Biology, is now on my website. It is similar in some ways to my previous booklet, Faith, Science and Intelligent Design. But I found my theology was too different from the Intelligent Design Advocates who repeated that the Designer of life "could be anybody." Though I know they have their reasons for putting their description of design in nature this way, some of them are Christian. I feel the Christian should not equivocate about design and creation, and state openly and clearly about the Creator. There is only One choice for us, and that is God. We state this in our creeds, such as you can see written out in the booklet.

I hope you will make use of this booklet and learn from it, as from the one further down on the right column called Heaven's Passport. This has factual information about Jesus Christ with references. This booklet also can be easily read online or printed out. (On my printer, I set for booklet and 2-sided printing. Sometimes printers tell you the wrong way to put it back in, so unfortunately you may have to re-do it if you get the second side upside-down. You may want to start with a 2-sided draft.)

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