Saturday, September 10, 2011

Penn State Blues

I'm sitting here Sept. 10 watching University of Michigan playing almost as dismally as Penn State did this afternoon. My husband got his engineering degree at Michigan and I got my animal science degree at Penn State. My mother, who is a die-hard PSU fan and has a great sense of humor, said she wanted to phone Joe Paterno and ask if he ever heard of sacking the other team's quarterback. Apparently she felt they had opportunities they never took. I told her that's something you would see on an Internet sports board. So, instead of that I'll put it on my blog. She's pretty safe since I don't get much traffic anyway.

In a large change of subject, my prayers go to all who will be at 9/11 services tomorrow. May you be safe, and may your grief be replaced with the peace of God which passes all understanding.

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