Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mind Changing

Well, leave it to a woman to change her mind. I had decided to leave comments open, but after seeing some pretty filthy language languish on comments from another blog, I've decided to go back to moderating. I don't get many comments anyway. It's just the principle of the thing. (Sorry if I sound whiny. I know it's unfair to expect comments when I'm not blogging much or commenting on other blogs. I'd like to post more, but I'm working on writing another book and, unlike many others, find it hard to do both.)

Bad language is everywhere, and it bothers me even to read books or watch TV shows that have it. Unfortunately, I sometimes still do that or I'd hardly have any entertainment available. Nevertheless, I'm trying to move away from all entertainment with foul language, and I don't use it myself. I don't want it bouncing around in my brain being ready for use at any moment. I neither use it in my conversation or my writing. I try to read Christian writers, but I like mysteries and have a limited number of "favorite" authors. Anyway, I heartily invite anyone reading my blog to comment, but I sincerely hope you can do it without swearing.

The significance of "damn" and "hell" are scary to someone who fears God. Some say "fear" in this sense is just a word to mean respect, and I agree that is one of the aspects. But I also think there is real potential for separation from God after death, and that should bring fear to any heart.

I'm not saying I have been perfect by any means. But now I am trying to follow God the best I can. I believe that using pure speech is one of the ways to do that.

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