Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Summer or Winter

Hi there.  Hope you are having a nice summer (those of you in the northern hemisphere).  I wish a nice winter to the folks down under (not just Australia). 

Thought I'd let you know I added two files for printing out the booklets, Heaven's Passport and Creation Science for Biology.  You can access them in the link "booklet printing" below the pictures on the right column.  I wasn't getting the right margins for the booklets when I printed them out, so I made .pdf files with page setups for mirror margins to give less margin on the outside and more on the inside. 

I still feel these are good booklets for edification and evangelization.  I see them as a way to approach and teach people about the subjects on a casual basis.  But I know that compared to professionally done publications, they are not of the highest quality.  And I've come to the limit of marketing my own books.  That is why I've decided that as far as do-it-yourself publishing goes, posts in my blog are my only plan.  The book and booklets that are available here now will stay as far as I know, but no more will appear on my own efforts.

I'm still working on my book, and if that would by some miracle get published, perhaps I can also get some of my other work professionally produced.  Although I have enjoyed type-setting and the various processes involved in completing a project, it is too time-consuming to continue.  If I want to write, that's what I must now concentrate on, even if I write 100 unpublished books (not that I'll ever approach that number).  I've been known to change my mind (constantly), but this decision is something I'd like to stick with.  Though it's hard to discern God's will, time eventually tells.  I'm determined to continue writing if He allows.  I do hope, whether published or not, that once in a while I have some available time to blog.

Enough of me.  I've got to get to work.  Look for my books in the stores, but if they aren't there, come back to my blog.  I'll try to keep you posted.