Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Been a While

As you can see if you scroll down my posts, it's been a while since I've posted anything but a Christmas greeting.  I've been spending time on Catholic Answers Forums, which I described before.  I mostly read the posts but have made a few comments. Lately I have participated in one long-playing game. I am constantly surprised by not only the knowledge of the people who post on the CAF, but their brilliant sense of  humor (when appropriate). There are some smart Catholics around, I assure you.

I've also been reading, taking a break since I finished writing my latest book, Biotech Swirl.  I read The Brothers Karamazov and am reading Fr. Brown mysteries by Chesterton (there are more than I thought of those). I am in the middle of Don Quixote--I don't know if I will finish that or not. I wanted to see what it was like since it was listed in the top 10 fiction books ever written (on several websites of top fiction books). I admit it's imaginative but for me it's a little over the top and 1000 pages of that is a lot. I like Love Inspired Suspense books, since I'm still a mystery fan and these are Christian-centered stories. I like reading them, and although I admit there is violence by the bad guys, it does not seem too graphic, and there is no swearing or pornographic bed scenes.

I'm a caregiver for my husband, who is in his 17th year of Parkinson's disease. I try to keep on top of our  healthcare as well as upkeep for our house.

So, life stays busy enough. I try to pray throughout the day, thanking the Lord for our blessings and asking for help, often.

Glad I could express and update this in my blog. Hope all is going well for any readers.

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