Monday, April 28, 2008

Fruit Fly 1

The amazing complexity of the fruit fly can be seen from many angles. I've shown you the sequences of amino acids in just part of a muscle fiber in previous entries. I'd like to describe the way an individual fruit fly develops, which is going to take a few days. (I am also going to talk about other things in between). I'm hoping to find links that will show what I'm describing. Just click the link and then use the "back" key at the top left of your screen to get back to the blog. (I know most of you know this but I've been telling people about my blog that don't have a lot of experience in moving around the Internet.)

Let's begin easily by a general picture (not necessarily fruit fly) of a fertilized egg and how it starts to develop into specific organs. The picture is by the U.S. government, posted on Wikipedia, . Click here to see it and then the "back" key to return here when you're done looking at it. That was easy!

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