Creation Biology

The purpose of this booklet is not to cover all of biology but to discuss the possibility of direct supernatural Creation of organisms, including humans. Biological research has shown amazing complexity of interacting molecules. The claims of those who insist on totally materialistic, naturalistic evolution are becoming less and less realistic. "Billions of Years" as an answer for every hurdle is no longer acceptable.

Current science is being buried by secular wishful thinking. However, the more we know, the more we can be awed by the Creative power of God.

View this free booklet in a pdf file by clicking HERE. You can download to your own device. Most computers have a pdf reader but if you don't, click HERE to download the free Adobe Reader. 

I am excited to also present a narrated PowerPoint presentation of Creation Biology. Just click on the video to see and hear the facts in a form that is easy to follow. For a closer view, the video can be expanded to full screen by using the box in the bottom right corner.

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