Unto Others

Unto Others is a mystery fictional story with Catholic themes. It is set in a rural parish in West Michigan where the fruit orchards bring migrant workers every summer.
Yesenia Rios Rivas fled the Civil War of El Salvador and has labored for years in the fields of the United States. Though she crossed the border illegally, she found refuge among the parishioners of Santa Rosa Catholic Church and works toward her dream of citizenship.  But her status may be exposed when a disappearance takes place and she has no choice but to get involved in the investigation.

The terrors of the Civil War come back to haunt her, and Yesenia must overcome her fears in order to fight this secret aggression.

Unto Others can be read online or downloaded in either PDF HERE or ePUB HERE.  

If you don't have programs to read these types of files, you can download the Adobe Reader HERE (PDF) or the Adobe Digital Editions HERE (ePUB).

I hope you will enjoy this mystery book!

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