Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Transcription Factors

Scientists have discovered that many factors play on DNA and RNA in the process of protein production. I have shown you a picture of the protein that copies DNA to RNA (May 26 2008) and here is a picture of what is called a transcription factor. You can click on the picture at right to see the fine print.

As an example, the amino acid sequence for one of the fruit fly muscle transcription factors is at the Uniprot site number P22816. It has 332 amino acids. The transcription factor is a protein that has to be made by separate DNA so it can combine with the muscle gene DNA at the right place when the fly embryo forms. The organism needs muscles that are formed with the correct attachments so the fly will be able move. It gets the RNA polymerase working (seen on the May 26 site) which copies the DNA to RNA. The picture in this post is not this fruit fly P22816 factor specifically, but it shows a transcription factor at work on the DNA.

I have just bought the book Creation and Evolution compiled by Stephen Horn and Siegfried Wiednenhofer. It is the result of Pope Benedict's conference with former students in 2006 at his summer retreat, Castel Gandolfo. Cardinal Christoph Schonoborn is one of the participants. He had written an article in the New York Times in July 2005 about evolution and design which made quite a stir. I'm about 2/3's through and would like to do a review on my blog when I'm finished--should be soon.

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