Friday, July 25, 2008

Spliceosome U2

The DNA of a cell must be copied to RNA and that in turn is eventually used to create proteins. The RNA in a "true" cell, or eukaryote, is often edited before it becomes the template for the proteins. I showed the first part of this process and gave some background in a post a few weeks ago which you can see here. By the way, the picture here is only partial and shows the "major" but not the "minor" splicing mechanism. You can see that by going to Wikipeida here.

Some areas are removed before it goes on to produce protein (the editing part). There are five molecules which take part in the regular splicing activity (a different set occurs in some reactions, but I will not go into that). I showed the first part of the splicing process and the U1 molecule in the first post. The top picture today shows the rest of the splicing reaction and the picture below shows the U2 RNA molecule.

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