Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Book Finally Finished

It finally happened! I'm finished writing my book! That doesn't mean I'm done with the work. There are many things yet to do, including the type-setting, getting the bar code, proof-reading, etc. But with the possible exception of a little more editing, the writing part is finished!

Perhaps there are people who find creative writing easy, but not my husband and I. Do you see all the technical entries about Intelligent Design Theory in this blog? They were EASY to accomplish compared to creative writing. Perhaps ID is the greatest distraction I had in getting this book done. Every day, I wanted to read and write about ID first. Maybe I was partially avoiding the creative writing, but more because I truly enjoy ID and find it fascinating. I will feel more free now to pursue speaking and teaching opportunities in ID now that the book is done.

ID is a difficult subject and not everyone is that interested in it. But I think it is up & coming and is getting more publicity. I have found that people are quite amazed by what I tell them about it. It especially helps to show slides--you know what a picture can be worth. And though there are getting to be many good websites about ID, there is no substitute for personal instruction.

Here I am again, moving from the subject of my book to ID. My book contains Catholic themes, and situations which I think would be interesting to anyone concerned about problems in today's world. As time goes on I'll talk more about the plot and eventually give you an excerpt.

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