Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I won't take too long to write this post because I hope to go to the printer today with my book file. I had written a book 9 years ago which was a Christian adventure story. (As I told you, I'm a slow writer, but not that slow! In the meantime I earned a certificate of theology and wrote 2 booklets.) At that time there were no printers that I am aware of in this area which did digital printing of books. I took it to a regular printer and got a lot of copies in order to spread the cost. It took months to get it back and I still have books in the basement.

Now, I've found a printer who does digital printing and they told me it would only take a week or so. And, I can get less copies and still stay fairly economical. I'd like to put my book on the Internet as an e-book also. So, I better get going and soon I'll tell you all about my book!

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