Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great Lakes Naval Museum

It's a beautiful, blustery fall day (Sunday) and my husband Tom and I went to the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum at the Muskegon Lake Channel. A big addition was added this past year and is shaping up although still in progress. There are many models of ships there, including the ones that are docked in Muskegon. I'm sure it's a lot of work. We think they are planning to put some of Tom's pictures of downtown Muskegon in the 1940's there which he had drawn for a pictorial of Western Avenue. They aren't there yet, so we'll check it out next spring.

It was pretty chilly by the lake already. We walked a short distance along the channel, but it's so windy we turned around soon. We also saw the new bike trail along the road to Lake Michigan. They changed the lanes to give bikers more room. I'll have to also plan to take the bike next spring to try out the new setup.

The book galleys needed some work, so this week I'll try to get the final form in to the printer. I had taken a picture of a country church in the general area I used as my setting. However, the town and country are fictionalized and the names are changed. The geography is similar but not the same in my story as the real thing. I was pleased with the picture when I first saw it and so far it looks good on the cover. I am hoping for good resolution on the finished product.

Well, I hear thunder so I'll finish this post. No use taking chances with blowing the laptop.

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