Friday, October 10, 2008

Catholic Interests

Along with Latin American studies and Intelligent Design theory, I'm interested in the Catholic Church in general, in unity of Christians, and in women's issues. I like to read Catholic news and opinion and it is nice to be able to access a whole variety online. I was just reading Catholic Online here about the Pope's comments concerning our economic crisis. He is heading a synod of bishops right now for study of the Bible. I've added links to Catholic Online and Catholic News Service on the right column.

I am glad the Pope is speaking on the topic of materialism. It is easy to forget in our everyday life that money is not the bedrock of our existence. We try to assure our own security, but in the end we can't. Trusting in God is in a different dimension than trusting in money. Sure, we work in whatever profession we decide upon or have the opportunity to do and we try to be good stewards. But along with that is a deeper stream of "handing things over" to the Lord. It is allowing His will to be done. In that way we are not swept away with the winds of economic crisis. We look to the Lord for our well-being.

Adding this later: I found a bishop's pastoral statement on the economy from the blog, Whispers in the Loggia. It sympathizes with those who have lost a great deal in this economic crisis and reminds other Christians to be charitable. It is well-put.

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