Friday, November 21, 2008

Unto Others

It's finally here! My fictional mystery novel is called Unto Others. Suspects abound in this exciting mystery! It would make a great Christmas gift, or fun winter reading for yourself. Or both!

The protagonist is Yesenia Rios Rivas. She came to the United States illegally when her home country, El Salvador, was fighting a Civil War. She endured many hard years before finding happiness as a custodian at Santa Rosa Catholic Church. But now, a person disappears and an investigation commences. She is worried that her status will be questioned.

Unto Others incorporates many issues that the United States and the Catholic Church are dealing with today. Some of the major themes are the need for immigration reform, political tensions between socialism and capitalism, and even women's ordination. And yet, these sweeping problems affect ordinary individuals who cope with their lives the best they can.

The book retails for $12.50. Three bookstores have graciously agreed to put it on their shelves. They are:

Michigan Church Supply, 360 Division St., Ste. 1B, Grand Rapids, MI (1-800-521-3440), which is in the newly renovated Cathedral Square Center.

Hage's Christian Supplies, 4949 Harvey, Muskegon MI (231-798-9824)

Oceana Pharmacy, 39 State Street, Hart, MI 49420

It can also be found at FaithWriters website and purchased for $5.00 as an e-book! Just click here to see a description and excerpt. They accept PayPal.

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