Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PSU, Voting, Shopping

Texas Tech did it. They beat Texas. Quite a game, I hear. I went to bed at half-time. My husband Tom is a night person, I'm a morning person (got up at 3:30 this morning because of the time change). I went to Penn State (BS in Animal Science) and have been a fan through thick and thin. It's been pretty thin for the last few years so it is very nice to have a good team again. We would love to play in that championship game. Actually, I'm not as deeply into college football as my husband and mother, but since they like it so much it is a good pasttime. Tom graduated from Michigan and is a big football fan, so he's having a bad year. My mother has loved Penn State football ever since I went there, which is quite a few years ago.

It's voting day. I'm writing this Sunday and plan to be at the polls before they open since I think there will be long lines. Since I'm awake anyway I might as well go. It will be good practice for the Thanksgiving Day sales. I've been a competitive shopper for a few years now. I once went to stand in front of Best Buy at 4:00 am in a blizzard. That was for my projector. It was chaos in the store and I ended up in line behind a guy who had been there all night. So, it will be interesting to see what the voting lines are like. All indications are that a lot of people will turn out.

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