Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Trip

My husband and I traveled to the Yucatan in Mexico for four days. We went to some Mayan ruins in bus tours. They stopped a few places which were not known to us. One of them was in a town named Valladolid. This was a place which was previously a Mayan village, and when the Spanish came into the area, they used the stones of the Mayan buildings for their own purposes. So, this church (picture upper left) was built about 1545 with Mayan stones. We went in and saw the biggest stone baptismal font I ever saw. I imagine the interior walls would have had to be re-done since that time, though they looked old. The floors were dark tile which looked marble.

We stayed at a place on the Caribbean, south of the main tourist city islands of Cancun and Cozumel. We asked about a bus connection to a church for Sunday morning mass. They told us to get on one at 9:00 am. We did, and were taken about 30 miles to the North to Playa Del Carmen. There was no church in sight at the stop and our driver did not speak English. I asked in Spanish for directions. I always dreaded trying to get them in Spanish, since I expected not to understand the answer. But he was slow and pointed, and I actually understood! We found the church (picture on right). But the driver said the bus wouldn't be back until 5:00 pm! I prayed most of the service for a way back to the hotel. Though I felt a little guilty for praying to be able to go to the beach, we had not had much time for swimming yet since we first went to the ruins, and it was one of the things I had looked forward to for the vacation. After the service, my husband asked the couple next to us if they were visiting here. They said yes, and they had a car. Their hotel was almost next to ours! They graciously drove us back and I enjoyed the beach on our last afternoon there!

You can see more of our vacation (the ruins part) on my husband's blog at .

The flights were long and I'm still catching up from all the activity of our last few weeks. I'll try to get back in the swing soon.

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