Thursday, April 9, 2009

God's Creation

It seems these days that for some Christians, especially those in the academic community and/or committed to education in science, the thought of God creating a biological cell after the Big Bang is unacceptable. But I don't see it as all that far removed from Thomas Aquinas when he discussed the 5 proofs of God's existence, which he elaborated in his Summa Theologica, Part 1, Question 2.

Thomas talked about effects and causes. If we know the effect but not the cause, we can logically deduce the cause. Thomas speaks of the material nature we see and know. And he proceeds in thought from this material nature to speak of the supernatural God.

At some point these Christians must consider that God made Creation the way He saw fit. For some, the blockage of acceptance is the fact that evil exists, even though God is perfect. But there is no difference in the need to explain evil whether God made all creation through the Big Bang or whether he intervened afterwards. Many people understand the nature of evil as a consequence of the free will God gave us. Yet others analyze, agonize, and apologize, without letting this simple concept sink into their own minds. They decry the pain suffered by animals in nature, to which I am sympathetic. But animals don't suffer forever: they either escape or die. I don't want to trivialize the sufferings that humans may undergo after death, but let's just say it is within a person's power, combined with the grace of God, to avoid them.

There are a few other reasons that some Christians don't allow God to touch His own creation. It is beneath His dignity, they say to do less than plan out the whole thing before the start. So all He is allowed to do is watch. He can't tinker, He can't wait for perhaps a more timely moment to do His work. One wonders whose dignity is really at stake here, when it seems the pronouncers keep at least one eye focused more on the opinions of secular scientists than the actual facts.

Or, they say, some scientist may come up with a physical reason for the cell. I ask they just start reading about the cell. Click on my Topics link for "ID" and / or "Creation" and take your time. If there is any law of physics which is ever discovered that makes the cell, it will be as finely tuned for the possibility of life as they are finding the Universe to be (see Anthropic Principle).

That God interacts with biology is believed by Christians. Christ changed water to wine, He healed, He raised persons from the dead. It is time for all Christians to stand up when we are called Creationists and answer, "Yes, we are!"

May you enjoy a Blessed Easter.

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