Friday, April 3, 2009

Notre Dame's Open Minds

Bruce Chapman of Discovery Institute wrote an interesting comment on the Institute's blog about Notre Dame and the recent flap concerning their invitation to President Obama for commencement.

Many Catholics are distressed, since President Obama is very pro-abortion and the Catholic Church teaches against it. But, the president of Notre Dame, Father John Jenkins, has taken the stand that open dialogue is useful for universities. Fr. Jenkins and his spokespersons claim they value academic freedom, where various views may be heard and considered.

Yet, at the beginning of March, Notre Dame co-sponsored an evolution conference in Rome, where it was made clear that Intelligent Design Theory would not be considered. I wrote of it here. Chapman complained that the organizers seemed willing to discuss Michael Behe's theory of Irreducible Complexity as a cultural phenomenon unworthy of the name "science," but refused to invite Behe, a Catholic, to defend himself. Behe was refused an ear, but not Obama.

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