Friday, May 22, 2009

LUCA to come

I've been really busy this week, so I'll just give you an intro into my next Intelligent Design theme, which will be related to some in the past. Of course, biological life is all intertwined, but there are distinct categories we work with.

I've had a series about "Origins" which started here. I talked about some of the issues of naturalistic, materialistic theories for the beginning of life. One concept I mentioned was the "Last Unknown Common Ancestor," abbreviated LUCA (here). Though the term does not in itself indicate a very first organism, it heads in that direction. It includes research into what genes and proteins the ancestors of present-day species would have needed in order for the organisms of today to be what they are. It considers the number of possible offspring that a certain organism could have through the generations and how much the inner workings could have changed in that time (on a natural basis).

In fact, I've found some very interesting research on this, and hope to get into the details by next week.

Update 1/20/2013: My interest in Intelligent Design Theory (ID) has changed to what is called "Special Creationism," the belief that God created species, including humans, separately and directly. Much of the biological science in ID is similar to Special Creationism.

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