Tuesday, June 2, 2009


In last Tuesday's post, I indicated I'm on the verge of a change in my life. I especially feel I've done what I can with Intelligent Design Theory, at least to this point. I started studying it in earnest at the beginning of 2006. I had just received a Certificate of Theology from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI in December 2005.

At that time I wanted to continue studying theology, and one of my professors told me I was ready for a Master's Degree. I pursued his suggestion, and looked into available programs at colleges such as Notre Dame. But nothing fit into my interest concerning the relationship between theology and science. I liked Intelligent Design Theory because I thought, and still think, it best fits the facts (although the theology needs work). I had taken animal science at college and got a veterinary degree and felt I could understand the scientific aspects. I therefore set off on a self-taught Master's. I had the encouragement of another faculty member, even though his philosophy differed from mine. He suggested reading from theology and philosophy which I followed. I also read many scientific research papers, often those mentioned in Intelligent Design-related websites. And of course I researched my own questions and found many answers.

I was able to present my findings to a few groups. Also, I was rejected by others whom I approached. (See the movie Expelled to get an idea of the experience.) And I spent a lot of hours on this blog presenting the case and pictures to compliment it.

And so, I feel I have earned my self-taught Master's, and perhaps a bit of extra credit toward a Ph.D. But I feel satisfied that I have done my best considering my circumstances. I could go on to learn more in this subject of interest, but I don't feel I want to devote all my time to it anymore. Yet I'll always benefit from the knowledge I've gained and will still be happy to teach others if they ask.

As for writing, the title of my post, I have always wanted to be a writer but am not very prolific. In some ways the career of writer has always seemed a little scary to me. There's no guaranteed paycheck for many of us. Yet as I look back, I've started the career and have stuck with it, and somehow have survived this far (by God's grace, I know). I have written two fictional books, two booklets and this blog. Actually, the experience at Aquinas gave me more confidence, since my papers were graded very favorably. I want to always use my writing in some way toward evangelization and edification. Though I haven't "hit it big," I feel I've made a positive impact in this way on some people's lives, and that is what counts.

For now, I am glad to be a writer. But who knows what the future brings? I am more deeply and fundamentally a Christian. I want that to come through no matter what I do.

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