Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Look

Well, I made the plunge and changed the look of my blog. It's still the same template, but has a little color. I hope it's still readable enough. I like white as a background, but if the color is light enough you can still read the print pretty well. I formatted the type for this entry to make it just a little darker than the regular type but will probably mostly use the regular.

I took a picture from our city's bike trail along Muskegon Lake. This lake empties into Lake Michigan through a channel, and the bike trail follows it on the south side the whole way from the east end to the Great Lake (you can see the Muskegon Lake from the trail about half the time). They just completed this trail a few years ago. You can take another branch of the trail and go east about 25 miles. Michigan has quite a few bike trails along old rail-road beds that are beautiful to see.

Since I've been spending time with my blog layout, I won't get into any subject too deeply today. (I went through ALL the templates, then came back to the first, just a different color. Plus, I had to crop the picture a few times to get it right.) I've been reading some history on the Church magisterium and their reactions to the scientific community concerning evolution. It's quite interesting and I hope to write about it next week.


RAnn said...

I like your new look. If you are looking for something dressier, but still easy, check out places like The cutest blog on the block, which have backgrounds you install just by using a widget.

Mary333 said...

Your blog looks beautiful and it's easy to read. My brother has suggested that I change mine. He says the strong background color makes it hard on the eyes. I chose the color for symbolic reasons and I guess that I didn't consider how difficult it was to read. I may lighten the background. May God bless you!

Kay said...

Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I'll check out that blog, RAnn.