Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bad Climate

There was a hacking of the Climatic Research Unit in November that has got the world looking. If the e-mails and other recent circumstances surrounding them truly represent the involved scientists--there and at other eminent research facilities--these people have a disregard for truth and actually plot against anyone who disagrees with them.

I have not previously commented about the climate-change controversies. I think we must be concerned about pollution, although some forms of it are worse than others. However at Uncommon Descent, William Dembski's blog, it has been an ongoing topic. Many there feel the scientific evidence for global warming has been lacking. They notice in climate scientists an attitude similar to that held by Darwinians--that there can be no questioning of their theories. In the climate case, the cost to humanity is in the trillions of dollars, not to mention time and effort wasted if the warming is not even true (apparently some data is showing global cooling).

It is unfortunate that all those who want to promote the Intelligent Design concept seem to be victims of similar mindsets concerning Darwinian evolution. There may be no questioning, and if the data do not fit Darwinian evolution, the data is ignored. The same holds for the mindset of the media. They promote the Darwinian agenda, and hold back the facts that obviously refute it. This is one reason why the Internet and independent agencies are so important.
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