Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry & Happy

I know I'm early with the holiday greeting, but I'm late everywhere else. I had this idea that when I started working on my book, the blog would coordinate beautifully with what I would be doing. Well, I was wrong.

For one thing, December always seems the busiest month of our year. It even vies with the summer months which always go by so swiftly. And for another, my research includes time-consuming reading and is not at the writing stage yet. Perhaps by 2010 it will start falling into more of a rhythm of reading and writing.

Thinking back over the blog, I expected from the start to write about varied subjects, not just Intelligent Design Theory (ID). It took me a long while to get to those topics, and when I did I found myself distracted and wanting to return to ID. I've surprised myself that my main focus continues to be ID. So, I'm basically planning to keep to ID and related subjects from now on. (Maybe in this case I'll change. Well, I won't try to predict 5 years down the road.)

So, have a great holiday season and I will see you back here in the year 2010! Imagine that!

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