Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Again

Well, I had a job for a while, but it was paid by a grant that lasted about 5 months, so I'm on the street again. Fortunately, not literally, but without a job anyway. I have written two books which I self-published, and I got an idea for another one, so I am working on that now. I guess writers never give up hope, and maybe someday I can publish this if all goes well. The other two I self-published because of a variety of factors. My husband also wrote a historical novel which he self-published. But neither of us are marketers, and though we sold some, we have gone that route often enough for now.

One of my self-published books, Unto Others, is free from this website. You will find it free on the right column in .pdf file format. It is a mystery set in West Michigan. It's also available in a few libraries in my area, which makes me happy that people are at least reading it.

Update 1/25/2013: I have removed my book Unto Others and booklets from the blog. I actually deleted them accidentally, but they had been there for several years and I decided not to re-load them. I hope you will enjoy the blog posts that I have not so far managed to erase.

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