Saturday, November 12, 2011

Working on Comments

I just got a surprise by looking at comments in my blog "published comments" section. There are comments there I've never seen. I had it set up that comments be automatically sent for moderation to my husband's blog and mine by e-mail, but our e-mail address changed a while ago and I just figured out I changed the e-mail address setting on his blog but not mine.

I still don't see the comments on my blog even though the settings say they are published. So if you sent a comment that was meant for my blog and it didn't come through, I'm sorry for the problem. Though I'm not an expert, I will try to correct the situation to make sure the comments come through in the future. I'm very thankful for your notes and interest.

I've decided to allow comments without moderation and see how it works out. I'll also change the comments from a pop-up box to a list under the post. I think I can still delete messages this way and I reserve the right to do so with any I deem inappropriate. I hope we will all try, even in emotional issues, to find ways to communicate and come to better understandings.

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