Friday, March 8, 2013

Fifth Anniversary

It’s my fifth year anniversary on my blog. It’s hard to believe in both ways: sometimes it feels like forever that I’ve been doing this, and sometimes like I started just a few months ago. I thank anyone for reading any of my posts. I’d also like to thank Google Blogger for supplying the server access.

When I first started, I didn’t want to put a counter on my blog. I didn’t want to know if no one was visiting, or if millions were. I figured I’d be too discouraged with the first possibility and too nervous about the second. Now Google Blogger has added an automatic counter and stats section that can be viewed by the authors. I can’t help but notice I’m a lot closer to the former situation than the latter. I know I haven’t been consistent in my posts, and that is unfortunately probably going to continue. What I’m thankful for is that blogging gives me an outlet to write when I do have the time.

Also, my husband has blogged on Google for several years about our local history, and has had many visits. His health has not been very good lately, so he hasn’t entered posts for a few months. We are hoping we can get medical help for his situation. In any case, I’m very thankful to the people who have responded to his “Muskegonmemories.”

I have once again found that I am too busy with my blog to work on my book, so I’m planning on a change of posting schedule. I had read on a book marketing blog that it is good for an author to have a blog and post regularly. I have been posting once a week lately, but I research and re-write the posts to the point where I’m not getting anything else done. I guess I will never be accused of being an over-achiever. I can only do so many things at a time, and my resume will never approach that of many professionals.

Anyway, I always try to attend Sacred Heart of Jesus devotions on First Fridays at a local Catholic Church. Since that is a memorable schedule for me, I thought I’d try to do at least a monthly post on that day. I know that won't encourage many followers, but anyone who wants to check back once a month is welcome. Also, my blog helps me to keep working on non-fiction as well as fiction.

The last few months I’ve really enjoyed adding to womanatwell and if you haven’t been here before, you may be interested in going down the column to my recent entries.  Or you can always go to my archives--there are five years of them! Maybe some day if my book is published (or not) I’ll return to writing more posts.

See you on First Fridays!

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