Friday, May 2, 2014

Biotech Swirl

I am happy to present my new fiction book.

Biotech Swirl is a medical mystery thriller set in the current explosion of biotechnology.  The Catholic Chaplain Jan Pace is pulled into the dark side of scientific research when Dr. Hunter Balik suspects dangerous genetically engineered bacteria in several of his patients and asks her to help him investigate. Though she is not a medical expert, he feels she is trustworthy and he frankly needs a friend. As they proceed, they fear bioterrorism but the crimes seem personal and murder can’t be discounted.

Dr. Balik, who practices at Fenwood Hospital in West Michigan, has a harsh bedside manner and has made no time for relationships. Though he resents the workaholic habits of his physician parents, he is repeating their mistakes. As Hunt and Jan work together, she attends to his spirituality as much as investigating the mystery.

Though the story starts with a medical crisis, the plot leads to persons with the tools and know-how to manipulate genes and with disturbing disregard for life. The suspects include a biotechnology business director who desires her company to embrace human embryonic stem cell research, a professor who wants to develop made-to-order genetically enhanced babies and an in-vitro fertilization clinic manager with questionable motives for disposal of the unborn.  The reader encounters today’s culturally misguided sense of “bioethics” through these and other characters.

Dr. Hunt Balik starts on this dangerous investigation without friends or faith. Jan Pace confronts potential terror. Somehow the two of them must summon the courage to overcome the deadly threat.

Please enjoy this new medical thriller for free! Just click the link below the main blog picture or on the right column and go from there. It is in ePUB form, and if you do not have a program for that, I have a link to the free Adobe Digital Editions.  This program is worthwhile to have since it can be used for borrowing digital library books and reading classics available at various online sites.