Friday, August 1, 2014

Creation Biology

It is another First Friday and I am posting this time about Creation Biology, the title of my new booklet and video PowerPoint presentation. They are now available at the link of the same name right under the top blog picture here at womanatwell. I have put them on the blog for the primary reason that I’d like all persons to be able to understand the controversy over evolution.

To some degree these are works in progress. I’ve re-done them already a few times and will probably continue to edit them if I think of ways to explain the facts better.

I do not think the media or most science "popularizers" give the whole story about evolution. Therefore many people are arguing from stances that are not fully informed. There are strong feelings each way about evolution. Did species evolve in a totally natural way or did God create all types directly and supernaturally? Did God partially direct biological diversity in a supernatural way? Or did He move in a way we humans understand as random?

A person may wonder if it really matters how we came to be. I think if you consider the facts and see how unlikely it is that we came about by chance, it will bring a new appreciation of God's creative power. And yes, the Darwinian Theory is based on chance—the part about Natural Selection does not change that. First you need working parts before any selection can be made. That is one of the things I explain in Creation Biology.

Ever since the Church’s early 17th century experience with Galileo, through whom the worldview of Earth-centered changed to Sun-centered, people have been wary of religious explanations for physical matters. But the Big Bang Theory was introduced in the 1930's by a Belgian Priest, Georges Lemaitre, when Albert Einstein backed the eternal universe view. Some things don’t change, such as the Christian doctrine of the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But other ideas we have may not hold up to closer scrutiny. A worldview we may consider unshakable actually can fall under the weight of new discoveries. We must all be willing to continue to learn, because science changes and study is a life-long pursuit. And to see the continuing discoveries of cell complexity brings the sacredness of life into fuller focus than we may have previously contemplated.

I hope you will take a little time from your busy life to read the Creation Biology booklet and/or watch the video. The video is about 45 minutes long and may be the best way to start if you don’t have a science background. The booklet can be downloaded and has direct links to references.

For this emotion-charged subject, you need to see for yourself if you really know what others are talking about. Then like a juror, you can judge for yourself what rings true.