Monday, May 11, 2015

Praise the Lord

Welcome to my blog. I had written this on May 11: 
I think these blogs by my husband and I have run their course. We will not be making more posts but will have them available. My husband had quit posting in his blog a while ago due to bad health and is not taking comments. Thanks to all of you who have visited. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to have written mine and I praise Him for His love and creative power.
However, I updated on 6/15/2015 with this: 
I am re-thinking about closing my blog, womanatwell, but do not plan to post until at least the end of summer. However, my husband's blog, Muskegonmemories, will now be closed to posts and comments.
Thanks for your patience. I've been with this blog since 2008 and would miss it, but life has a way of getting ahead of us sometimes. Maybe I'll catch up by autumn. In the meantime, please help yourself to free e-books and the posts I've already done. Thanks much.

Also to note: The comments are open but moderated in this blog. Just go to any regular post to leave a comment.

I thought it would be good to update my blog since I haven't had a post since one dated May 11. At that time I said I was planning to discontinue posting but to keep the blog online. The blog is still a source for  my books and a variety of subjects (see right column), including the amazing complexity of Creation. I thought I might resume in autumn, but for various reasons I don't plan to post on a regular basis any time soon.

What I have been able to do is to periodically check in on the Catholic Answers Forums and see what is being written there. I have even made a few comments when I have had the time under the name, womanatwell. The setup there is very well done, I think, and the people who comment cover a wide array of topics. My participation allows me to communicate with others and I use my blog as a reference link in some cases. I hope you will check it out at the link I have above on the Forums name.

I thank anyone reading this for visiting and may God bless you.

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